The Layoff Club

After participating (unwillingly) in a large layoff from my former employer in November 2016,  I vowed to start a blog to help other people in my situation navigate the post-layoff waters. Future posts will include what to do the first week, second week, first month, etc. after you’ve been laid off. I also plan on offering tips and tricks for writing a resume that has a strong chance of making it through the software-driven recruiting process that most major employers use these days.

I will also offer emotional and professional support to help you try to get through this difficult time. Because, no matter how prepared you think you are, getting laid off can be a major blow to your psyche. Really. And if you aren’t prepared for it at all, it can be a sucker punch right to your gut.

The first thing I recommend is to start following Liz Ryan on her website, LinkedIn, or on Facebook. She has such a wonderful, inspiring way of looking at the hiring process, and her tips are very helpful. Her writing style is so empathetic and personal, you’ll feel better just reading one blog post. So go, right now, and check out her website. Join her mailing list if you are so inspired. Her website is at:

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